Open Source

LaTeX Cards is built on top of many Open Source libraries, made by us or made by others and we contributed to.

Repositories the app is built on

cashapp / sqldelight

iOS Android

Generates typesafe Kotlin APIs from SQL

twostraws / CodeScanner


A SwiftUI view that is able to scan barcodes, QR codes, and more, and send back what was found.

ktorio / ktor

iOS Android Backend

Framework for quickly creating connected applications in Kotlin with minimal effort

guimauvesoftware / kaccelero

iOS Android Backend

The all-in-one toolkit for mobile & web development in Kotlin/Swift.

nathanfallet / UnlockPremium

iOS Android

A package to include a standard "Unlock premium" view in iOS and Android apps

guimauvesoftware / myapps

iOS Android

A list of my iOS & Android apps, with associated views (UIKit, SwiftUI, Preferences, ...), to embed in all of them.

journeyapps / zxing-android-embedded


Barcode scanner library for Android, based on the ZXing decoder

square / picasso


A powerful image downloading and caching library for Android

Want to help?

Get involved in Open Source and contribute to one of the repositories now! If you are not familiar with code, you can also help by translating content to your language.