Use at school

Whenever you are a student or a teacher, LaTeX Cards perfectly fits your needs. And it even integrates with your existing tools, like the Schoolwork app on iPads.

If you are a student

Create cards for your lessons

Each day, after school, create a few cards with your lessons of the day. It will help you to memorize what you have seen and get an overview.

Review your cards frequently

Take sessions frequently to review your cards and learn them, for example during the weekend, or before an exam.

Progress with time

After having seen a card multiple times, you know what is on it. And by seeing all of them frequently, you never forget them. This means that at the end of your schoolyear, you know everything for exams.

Collaborate with your classmates

Creating cards can take a lot of time if you have a lot of lessons to learn? You can split the work with your classmates and share your cards with a simple QR code.

If you are a teacher

Prepare cards for your students

Before class, you can prepare a few cards for each lesson that you can give to your students with a simple QR code, printed in the corner of their duplicate copy for example.

Or create cards with them

If you don't want to make the cards yourself, you can propose to your students to make them in a collaborative way. For example, for each lesson, one student is chosen to make the cards and share them with others.


Use it with Schoolwork

When you create a topic with cards, if you upload it to the cloud (by generating a QR code for example), it will be shown in the Schoolwork app, and you will be able to create a handout and assign this topic to your students.